Saturday, 9 July 2016


Hello, nice to see you again.

Weather-wise we seem to be in the right part of the country again. It's warm and mostly sunny, as opposed to the cold heavy rain some of our friends and family have been having further north.

Sunsets have been quite spectacular too.

The black mark isn't an alien spaceship, it's on the camera lens and I can't get it off.

We're still experiencing some "interesting" locks.  Road swing bridges are common and usually very close to locks.

Weird shaped locks abound

and here's another grass sided lock

more weeds and blackberry bushes than grass though

and a corrugated sided lock as well.

We're now moored in Reading, right outside the prison.  The last lock before the town was interesting.  There was a strong river current which made it a bit tricky getting into the lock mouth and then we couldn't leave the lock without pressing the button on a set of traffic lights and waiting for the green light!

I think we're going to stay here for the weekend as the boys want to go shopping again.  I'm beginning to think that their idea of "going shopping" actually translates as "going to the pub" !

Bye for now, see you soon


Barbara Halsall said...

Hi there, you do seem to be enjoying the K and A. It is very interesting, but as you say hard work. We have just descended the Caen flight with a lovely young crew, there were six of us which made it much easier. That is a nice mooring where you are in Reading, we also stayed there. Enjoy the Thames, hope the weather stays good for you, x

Yvonne said...

Hi Barbara. We should have exchanged phone numbers when we met. If you leave it as a comment I won't publish the comment. Thanks yvonne