Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sent to Coventry

I'm not very impressed with Curry's PC World.  We went to the store in Rugby last week to buy me a new lap-top as my previous one had just about given up the ghost. The one I wanted was out of stock so the salesman checked online and found that the Coventry store had several in stock and reserved one for us, telling us it would be held for 7 days. Five days later we arrived in Coventry and walked for half an hour to the store only to be told that items are only ever reserved for 2 days.....grrrrr.....

Luckily they had one in stock and we went to pay for it only to be targeted by an over-eager salesman who tried his best to up-sell us everything going. I'm really glad Roger was with me as this guy started telling me I needed all sorts of extra programmes, anti-virus, insurance and data storage which were totally unnecessary and which would have cost us another £100 or so. He got really flustered when we declined everything he offered and started telling blatent porkies. If PC World hadn't been £50 cheaper than anywhere else I'd have told him where to shove his lap-top and gone elsewhere!

We were the only visiting boat in Coventry basin and stayed for 2 days while I stocked up at the market and finished the Christmas shopping. This is our neighbour James Brindley

The Tin Music and Arts Centre at the basin run Yoga and Tai Chi classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays and I'd have liked to stay another couple of days and take part, but there are signs warning of £25 per day over-stay charges and I didn't fancy paying that much.  I'll have to time our next visit to make sure we're there on the right days.

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AGuidingLife said...

Coventry has scrubbed up a bit, quite a pleasant place to be in (mostly) these days!