Saturday, 14 March 2015

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

Hi, welcome back!  Well I did it.................I steered across Pontcysyllte Aqueduct on my own while Roger took photos. That's quite an achievement for me as I really don't like heights, but if hire boaters can do it then so can I.

This photo courtesy of wikipedia gives you some idea of the height

Approaching the aqueduct heading towards Trevor I almost bottled out.

There's not much room on either side of the boat and the iron trough which forms the aqueduct is only a couple of inches thick.

and it's a  L O N G  way down

 That's the River Dee just over 100 feet below us

I couldn't bring myself to look down the other side of the boat but looking out across the footpath and railings wasn't too bad.

It was almost like flying

On previous crossings I've hidden inside the boat but I'm really glad I made the effort to do it

can you tell I was quite chuffed?


nb Chuffed said...

Well done! Now can you pronounce it!?

Yankee said...

That's a great picture of you Yvonne -- "woman in charge of her life!"

Kathleen Thorpe said...

You brave lady, well done. xx

Gill Nunn-Brey said...

You're a star! I wouldn't even walk across x

Kathleen Thorpe said...

You look happy and healthy. You are one very brave lady doing this.

Alf said...

"over 1000 ft below us" errrr, Wikipedia gives the height at 126 ft. !!! which is what I have heard from other sources.

Yvonne said...

oops....thanks Alf, it definitely felt like 1000ft! I've corrected the blog according;y

Marilyn McDonald said...

Extremely well done, Yvonne. I did it in a hire boat once and was absolutely terrified. It's the only 2" of steel and the top of the caisson being exactly level with the side of the boat that spooked me and that it was so damned high - it felt like 10,000 feet!
I had to sing Eye of the Tiger all the way across (theme from the Rocky movies, don't ask) to stop myself from going into panic mode.
I was so high on relief and half a can of cider partaken when we got to the other side that I felt quite drunk, even about half an hour later when we got to a pub - I hit both sides of the wide wide door as I was going in ...
I don't think I could smile like you did, so I am very impressed!
Cheers, Marilyn nb Waka Huia