Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hot Hot Hot

Yes, it's been another hot sunny day and long may it last!  This was our view of the sky today, hardly a cloud in sight. Actually I'd tried to photograph the airplane trails as we watched them circling around Manchester airport but I can't see the camera screen with my sunglasses on so I missed them.....

One of our favourite country pubs is The Badger Inn at Church Minshall and while we've visited many times by car we've never been when we've been on the boat. Imagine our delight when we saw this tiny sign by Bridge 11 and it was lunchtime too.

We quickly moored up and went to find the steps up to the road only to find that a new set has been thoughtfully installed

They've done a really good job for volunteers, probably a better job than if C&RT contractors had done it.

After a lovely walk down the lane to the pub we had a really good lunch. The beer and food at The Badger have been consistently good over the many years we've been visiting. I've marked the mooring in our guide book and there's also a slightly shorter route (500m as against 700m) from moorings by Bridge 14. 

We carried on again after lunch. There are trees in blossom everywhere and the Cheshire countryside looked spendid in the sunshine.

I still haven't seen any ducklings although they must be due any time soon. This swan was keeping a beady eye on us as we passed her.

We finally moored up in Middlewich for the night after a slow trip down Stanthorne Lock. We'd been queuing to go down after two hire boats with other boats coming up in between. The boats coming up were all privately owned but the crews had less idea of how to operate locks than the hirers and there was so much faffing about it was painful to watch. At one point I had to step in and wind the paddles while two women off  a brand new boat stood and watched. I know everyone has to learn but this wasn't their first lock as they'd been on-board for a week. They just didn't seem to want to get their new leather gloves dirty. 


Barbara Halsall said...

Hello, I am Barbara from NB Micky Jay. My husband Mike and I are enjoying our second year living aboard. We wanted to buy Rhapsody in Blue last year but didn't have the finances in place to make an offer before it was sold. It took me months to get over it as I was "in love" with her. However we are very happy on Micky Jay. Your blog is great and so helpful as we are now moored up above Church Minshull and I now remember that we passed you yesterday but the penny didn't drop or I would have stopped to say hello. Now you are going in the opposite direction, I am very much enjoying your blog, thank you for the tips, and best wishes

Barbara Halsall said...

Hi, I am really enjoying your blog and feel that I know you as by coincidence we met your group last year as you were approaching Boston to cross the Wash. We also wanted to buy Rhapsody in Blue but couldn't get the finances in time and it was sold to another. And now we realise that we passed by you yesterday on the Shroppie. Such a pity as I would have stopped to say hello. We are Mike and Barbara on NB Micky Jay and appreciate your comments about Church Minshull as we are moored above the little town. all the best to you both.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Barbara. If you see us again please say Hi and if we're moored up come and join us for a drink

Barbara Halsall said...

Hello Yvonne, thanks for the invite, we most certainly will join you. Sorry for the double comment, I thought the first one had got lost in the ether. Pity about the dental appointment and having to rush. Don't you just hate rushing, its like being back in the other world again.