Monday, 20 April 2015

Work stopped play

We're still moored on 14 day moorings just past Barbridge Junction as Roger picked up another couple of electrical jobs. The first was installing solar panels for a couple he'd worked for a few years ago and the second is sorting out the wiring on an all electric live-aboard boat. We've lost count of the number of boats he's been on with dodgy wiring done by so-called professionals. A couple of years ago he was asked to have a look at a brand new boat as the owner didn't think it was quite right. Not only were the electrics faulty and dangerous but the solid fuel fire had been incorrectly installed and was potentially deadly!

Hopefully he'll have finished that job tomorrow but we've now both got the dreaded lurgy which doesn't seem to want to go and having spent the weekend with our grandchildren who were both full of colds I doubt we'll be back on full form for another few days.

I popped back into Nantwich on the bus the other day to collect my prescriptions that had had to be specially ordered and the sun has brought out all the beautiful daffodils lining the paths in the park.

I've also finally finished my latest crochet project. It's a pair of cushions for the grand-kids featuring the Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. I've really enjoyed making these

 If the weather continues to be so warm and sunny my crochet will have to take a break as I can't do it with hot hands. I'm not one for sitting doing nothing though so I'll have to find a substitute pass time. Any suggestions?

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Marilyn McDonald said...

What wonderful cushions! Such talent - I am in awe at your talent and patience! Lucky grandchildren, I say!
Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)