Monday, 8 June 2015


We've had another great day's cruising, although we've now swapped the green and pleasant countryside for Birmingham's motorways and industrial heritage.

Altogether we've done 27 locks today, sharing the work in the sunshine.  One of the first locks on the Aston flight had been badly damaged as the lock beam had split after been rammed by a boat. I wonder how long it'll be until it's properly repaired/replaced.

We were followed up the locks by an unusual pair of boats.

Apparently they are restored Dutch push-tugs that are now cruising the British waterways for 6 weeks.

They moored up behind us at Cuckoo Wharf at lunchtime and I was really embarrassed on behalf of British boaters when a share boat raced past us making so much wash that the little boats were slammed into the wharf so hard it forced their fenders out of the water Thankfully they weren't damaged but one of the men made the comment that "there are so many skippers who don't know how to control their boats" very true!

We passed 3 boats coming down the Aston flight and most of the locks were set in our favour but the locks in Farmers Bridge flight were all set against us so it took us a bit longer than usual to get up into Birmingham centre.

The canal passes closely beside offices and hotels as well as the BT tower

It also goes underneath buildings

We made it up to the second lock from the top where we were met by our friend David on Wye Knot 2 who had just arrived in Birmingham and come looking for us. It was nice to have a bit of help for the last 2 locks and after we'd moored up near the N.I.A Roger and David adjourned to the Prince of Wales to make sure the beer was up to it's usual standard.............well that was their excuse anyway.

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