Sunday, 7 June 2015

No Sunday dinner for us

We had a nice easy trip up the remaining 8 locks in the Curdworth flight this morning.

They're all well maintained and easy to operate, but the only 2 boats we met coming down had problems getting out of locks. The bottom gate wouldn't open all the way at locks no. 2 and no. 8 and a boat got stuck in each lock.  By getting them to reverse back into the lock and jiggling the gate a bit we managed to move whatever had been stuck behind the gate and get them out.

It'll be a real shame if the proposed HS2 spoils this canal.

After the locks, we moored at this new pub intending on having Sunday lunch.

It's not a pub, more a hotel with a tiny bar and a large restaurant but after buying a pint and checking out the carvery we decided not to bother. The carvery food was all dried up and very unappetising, but on the reverse side of the menu they had some nice sounding sandwiches so we tried to order some of them only to be very rudely told that they don't do anything other than carvery on Sundays. Needless to say we finished the beer and left. I've since checked up on their website and it clearly states that the do do sandwiches, they obviously just couldn't be bothered. Another thing I didn't like was that the carvery was advertised at £8.95 on a large board outside the pub but then was priced up at £9.50 on the menus on the tables.

Back on the boat I managed to rustle up some cheese on toast before carrying on to Minworth where we've moored for the night. There's a large Asda store about 10 minutes walk away and as our cupboards are fairly empty we paid them a flying visit.  We'll have our Sunday dinner this evening.............roast rack of lamb with all the trimmings, cheaper and better than we'd have got at the Cuttle Bridge

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K Ville said...

and such a lovely evening to eat on the boat too.