Sunday, 28 June 2015

Time to go

Because of the Historic Boat Rally, Braunston was extremely busy but luckily we managed to find moorings for both boats in the pound above the Admiral Nelson pub. As it was our last night with David we had dinner in the pub but the meal was decidedly mediocre. They're trying to do "fine dining" but I think the menu is too ambitious for their chef as what was described on the menu was definitely not what arrived on the plates.

One place that really does deliver the goods is the Gongoozler's Rest cafe boat which is moored just outside the marina. Roger and David popped in for a fry-up before he left us to start heading back up North.

By setting off at lunch time David didn't have too long to wait to get past the moored boats outside the marina which were 6 deep in places. He tagged onto the end of the boat parade, along with all the other boats in transit who had been held up.

We've really enjoyed his company over the past 3 weeks and we'll be meeting up again in the Autumn to go to Liverpool together.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse today and it's been persisting it down all morning although that hasn't stopped the never ending stream of passing boats which have been coming up and down the locks since 6 a.m.  It's a nice place to moor but there's no EE phone signal, no digital TV and no satellite reception either and as it's the last Formula E motor race tonight we need to move to get a signal.  As son as it stops raining we'll be off.

Bye for now

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Helena Lane said...

Shame you had a disappointing meal in the Nelson. It's normally very good.

Been reading your blog for yonks always enjoy it

Helena NB Mandakini