Thursday, 25 June 2015

Idiotic Hirers

I thought I'd seen all the daft tricks hire boaters can come up with.

Today a Kate boat came past us with a young girl aged 9/10 sat astride the front button fender trailing her feet in the water and with a rope around her waist to stop her falling off!  If the steerer had rammed a bridge or another boat she'd have been seriously injured as there was no way she'd have got off it in time to avoid the collision. When I pointed out the danger to the two women (presumably mum and gran) sitting in the well deck swigging wine I got a mouthful of abuse. I felt like I was wasting my breath but I couldn't live with myself if anything had happened to the child and I hadn't said anything.

We've had another good couple of days cruising and tied the two boats together again to come up Stockton Locks yesterday.  This is a good view of the bottom paddles which are raised to let the water out of the lock.

We've moored in a lovely spot near Flecknoe and walked up into the village after lunch. This afternoon there have been lots of boats passing on their way to Braunston for the weekend.  It's the Historic Narrowboat Rally on Sunday and "President" must surely be one of the most famous of the old boats that will be on show.

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