Saturday, 19 September 2015

It's definitely Autumn

Well it's definitely Autumn here on the boat. The days have been gloriously sunny but the nights are now quite chilly. I've put the secondary double glazing back up for the winter as I got fed up having to wipe up the condensation in the morning. As usual it's made a huge difference and we no longer have misted windows or puddles on the cills. It's still not quite time to light the fire, although Roger's swept the chimney and I've polished the stove ready. I'm determined I'm NOT lighting it until October and in the meantime we're using the Eberspacher central heating for an hour in the mornings and an occasional hour in the evening and so far that's been enough.

Other signs of Autumn have been this beautiful day-flying Garden Tiger Moth that found it's way inside the other day. It was huge, with a wing span of almost 3 inches. Roger caught it and let it go outside.

We've also seen lots of Ink Cap mushrooms on the towpaths. According to Wikipedia they're edible as long as you eat them as soon as they're picked but I think we'll give them a miss.

This morning was quite foggy early on and the solar panels and flowers on the roof looked like they'd been decorated by the fairies. It never ceases to amaze me how clever spiders are and there were some magnificent webs draped with dew.

Bye for now

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