Saturday, 12 September 2015

Back on the canal

We've left the Thames behind for this year and are now back on the Oxford Canal.

You may remember back in June last year we had a bit of an incident at Lock 28 when the bow stem post got stuck in the damaged Babby plate as we were going up.

Roger reported it to CRT and we were pleased to see that it's been replaced

CRT will be needing to do a bit of a repair at Elkingtons Lock this winter as the lock beam has started to disintegrate as the wood is so rotten.

The same lock also had a stall selling fruit and veg. The plums were delicious and I also bought courgettes and some tiny pumpkins which I'll stuff and roast for dinner one night next week.

I suppose this is one way to avoid paying mooring charges? I wonder if the boat was craned in or did they sail it in and then fill in behind

The canal's been extremely busy this past week and there are LOTS of hire boats about. I suppose it's because the prices have dropped a bit now that the school holidays have finished.

We've come down the Napton Flight and as usual the buffalo herd was in the fields beside the locks.

They really are splendid looking beasts. If you're interested, you can buy buffalo burgers and ice-cream from the shop beside the Folly Pub at the bottom lock. 

We're now moored in Wigram's Turn Marina for the night as we've come to visit our friends John and Joan on n.b. Tagine Queen.

Bye for now

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Graham and Jill Findlay said...

It was good to see you yesterday and catch up. See you around:-)