Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Quick Update

Hi, nice to see you again.

The Indian Summer lasted until yesterday and we had beautiful sunshine for our trip down the Cheshire Locks otherwise known as Heartbreak Hill. The view of Mow Cop folly over near Bosley was particularly good with the clear blue skies.

Most of the locks in this flight are in pairs although 3 were out of action either due to repairs being needed or being done.  The locks between numbers 49 and 59 were totally devoid of any lubrication and the paddles were quite difficult to wind up and down. Roger emailed CRT asking why this is and received the reply that the locks are regularly inspected and maintained by volunteers but it's blatantly obvious that they are only doing the locks at the top and bottom of the flight with those in the middle of the flight being forgotten about. At this rate they will need more repairs soon.

I love this lock-side cottage just above Wheelock

Before we left the Trent and Mersey canal we moored for the night at Dutton on the visitor moorings which have been installed on the site of the breach repairs.

The bank which was repaired is extremely steep

but the view is spectacular.

We're currently on the visitor moorings outside the Trafford Centre. When we still lived and worked in Manchester this used to be our local shopping centre and it's a bit surreal to now visit by boat. It does however mean that we see parts of the centre we'd normally have missed and I have to say these parts are rather grand with their marble statues and fancy bridge. It reminded me of Las Vegas!

The rain has been torrential overnight but as soon as it eases off we're moving on to Worsley where I'm jumping ship for a couple of weeks. My Mum's having a knee replacement operation today and I'm going to stay and look after her until she's mobile again. It'll be the first time Roger and I have been apart for more than 2 days for 38 years which will be a bit strange and I'm not looking forward to being trapped in a house but at least we're travelling with our friend David on n.b.Wye Knot 2 again so Roger will have some company.

I'll see you in a couple of weeks. Bye for now

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