Monday, 12 October 2015

Bentleys and Double Glazing

Hi, nice to see you again.

I'm back on the boat earlier than I expected as my mum's operation was cancelled at the last minute. She'd been 'nil by mouth' all day, expecting to have her knee replacement late on Wednesday afternoon.  At 4 o'clock the surgeon came to see her to say they had a little problem as the surgical instruments they should have been using for her operation had arrived with a tear in the packaging which meant that they weren't sterile. She said there would be a bit of a delay while they got a new instrument pack but when that arrived it was the wrong one!  My poor old mum now has to wait until November for her op and in the meantime is still in considerable pain.  I stayed for a couple of days and will go again next time she goes into hospital.

I caught up with Roger and David at Boothstown Marina where we stayed for the weekend.. Someone on the marina has a beautiful car. I LOVE the number plate on this Bentley. 

We set off again this morning passing the landmark that is the Astley Green Pit Museum. We've been before so didn't bother stopping today.

This is the view from today's mooring, It was such a glorious sunny afternoon that as soon as we moored up and I'd hung the washing out we all went for a walk around Pennington Flash Country Park.

We still haven't lit the fire, although I must admit we've had the central heating on for an hour in the mornings and evenings. The double glazing really helps keep the boat warm.

Talking about double glazing, you may remember I blogged about how we'd made and installed secondary DG a few years ago HERE.  Just recently I've had quite a few emails asking for more details so here they are:

The self-adhesive magnetic tape can be purchased from Ebay HERE  We used the 12.5mm size. It comes as A & B polarity so obviously you need to buy both.

The perspex is 3mm clear cast Altaglas which was cut to size and usually comes with free delivery from The Robert Horne Group. Their phone number is 0161 872 8585 and we found the sales team very helpful.

I hope this helps everyone who asked.

Bye for now

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