Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Welcome to Wales

Hi, nice to see you again

We're really enjoying our "Spring Break" on the Llangollen Canal. Apart from one day when it never stopped raining the weather is staying kind to us and we've been having some fantastic sunny days. The solar panels are working well in the spring sunshine too.

We took advantage of the rainy day to catch up on our hobbies. I made some apricot and amaretto jam and a fruit cake

and planned my next crochet project.

These are a few of the things I've made so far this winter.

When we moved onto the boat Roger taught himself to play the guitar and this year he's learning electronics. He's already made me an alarm that tells me when the washing machine has finished it's cycle, so that I don't have to keep running up and down the boat checking it. He's also made a gadget that adapts my slow-cooker, turning it into a "sous-vide" cooker which works amazingly well.

I've been chatting to several women recently who all live on board boats. The ones who seem happiest all have hobbies to get them through the winter months. One woman I met the other day was spending her first winter afloat and was moaning about how bored she was. When I asked what she did with her spare time she told me she only watches wonder she's bored! What with cooking, reading and crochet I never have time to get fact I could do with more hours in the day to get through everything I want to do!

We spent last weekend in Ellesmere, meeting up for Sunday lunch with boating friends Bob & Nicola. We'd teamed up with them 2 years ago to do the Wash crossing and this year we're hoping to do the Severn crossing, so lunch in the pub turned into a full afternoon's planning meeting. Final plans still need to be made so we're having another session in the pub planning meeting next week too.

Today we crossed the Pontycylitte Aqueduct and thankfully it wasn't as windy as previous crossings.

We'll be in Llangollen from tomorrow. I hope the good weather continues, although there's a rumour we may be due for a cold snap and some snow!

Bye for now, please come back soon

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Jennie said...

Love the crochet. We did the Severn crossing last year and loved it. Are you going from Sharpness? Do allow time and pennies to spend a couple of days in Bristol - we moored opposite SS Great Britain - easy access to most things, but quiet and safe at night. Have a look here - for the actual crossing, but there is plenty of info before and after if you are interested. The Purton Hulks at Sharpness are worth exploring. Good luck with the K&A!! The least favourite part of the trip last year. Have fun and I will follow your blog with interest. Jennie nb Tentatrice