Monday, 29 February 2016

Llangollen for the weekend

Hi, welcome back

We've had a lovely weekend here in Llangollen.  The basin is practically empty which is a shame as the moorings are really good and at the moment they're free, with added bonus of free electricity too.

Llangollen is a really lovely little town with plenty of nice shops, pubs and eateries. It's very busy with tourists over the weekend and there's usually a crowd on the bridge photographing the river below.

The sunny weather spurred me on to start the Spring cleaning yesterday.  We removed the cratch cover and spread it over the picnic table so that I could give it a good cleaning.

It's mostly coal dust and spider poo on the inside. Thankfully it's pretty easy to get off and the results are quite dramatic as you can see. It certainly make the cratch a lot lighter inside once it's been done.

The outside never gets very dirty and I put that down to this product which I spray on a couple of times a year. It puts a nice shiny coating on the cratch and makes dust and bird droppings easy to wipe off.  I buy it from car parts shops like Motorland or Halfords and a bottle has lasted me 4 years so it works out extremely economical too.

I quite like the front of the boat without the cratch cover but it's just not practical for us to leave it off as the front of the boat is our "shed".

While I did the cratch cover Roger cleaned the well deck, so that's the first job crossed off the spring cleaning list.

After lunch yesterday we took Chico for a walk in the sunshine.  There are spring flowers everywhere and this is the largest patch of snowdrops I've seen so far............beautiful

This is the chain bridge over the river Dee.  It's been renovated since we were here last year

You can now walk across the river and would be able to pick up a train from the station opposite to get back to Llangollen. Unfortunately for us the trains weren't running this weekend. We never seem to be here at the right time to be able to ride on a steam train.

Bye for now

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