Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Hello, welcome back again

When I was having my cancer treatment 3 years ago I joined the Breast Cancer Care forum. Every month they start a new group so you are in touch with other women starting chemo at the same time. We've supported each other through the bad times and have lost 3 lovely ladies along the way but most importantly we've built strong relationships and become great friends.

We weren't sure if we'd all get along "in the flesh" but after arranging a weekend in Birmingham 2 years ago we've found that the bond between us has just got stronger. London seems to be the easiest place for us all to meet up and last year we rented 2 appartments, This year more ladies were able to come and we managed to get a group deal at a lovely hotel near Regents Park which is where I've been this weekend.

I got the train from Chirk to Chester then another one to London.  The others came from all over the UK with one lady flying in from the south of France. Some stayed 2 nights, others could only manage 1 night and those local to London just came for lunch on the Saturday.  We had an absolute ball, eating and drinking far too much and laughing even more.  In fact we had such a great time that we're already planning next year's event.

My journey home was a bit of a nightmare though. My train was stuck behind a broken down train at Rugby which meant we had to change trains and routes to continue the journey.  What should have been 2 trains home turned into 5 trains and I eventually got home almost 3 hours later than expected.I'm just glad it happened on the way home or I'd have missed some of the fun.  Roll on next year!

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