Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Chester & a dentist

Hi, welcome back.

We didn't leave Chester as planned yesterday as the weather was too bad. It persisted down all day so we planned to leave this morning instead.  That plan failed as well, as last night I broke a filling and although it wasn't painful I though I'd better get it seen to incase it got worse when we were in the middle of nowhere.

I always thought that dentists were like doctors and that you could register as a temporary patient at any NHS practice but that's not the case. You can register with any dentist, but only in the area covered by your Primary Health Care Trust, i.e. the region where your GP is registered.  The dental practice I contacted explained that having a filling done privately wasn't much more expensive than having it done on the NHS and the good news was that they could see me today.  As usual with me nothing ever goes to plan, and when the dentist started drilling to remove the remains of my filling the whole tooth exploded so now I need a crown fitting!  He's done all the preliminary work and ordered the crown for next week but the bad part is we're now talking £450!!!!!!!!!  The tooth might not have been painful but the bill certainly is.

The water point at Christleton has been moved. It used to be in a really awkward spot beside the bridge which meant that if any boats were moored outside the pub you had to basically block the canal to fill up.  It's now been moved through the bridge (going towards Chester) and is much more user friendly. Interestingly, they've installed one of the old type cast iron taps rather than one of the new flimsy stainless steel type.

Why on earth do dog walkers do things like this?  If they can make the effort to pick up and bag the dog poo why can't they take it with them?  I put it on the roof and disposed of it at the next lock where there was a bin.

The weather's been really nice today so after I got back from the dentist we took Chico out and went for a walk down by the river where the passenger boats were doing a brisk trade as the kids are on holiday.

We came back through Grosvenor Park where Chico chased a couple of pigeons and squirrels. The miniature train was running today but didn't seem very busy at all.

That's all for now, see you again soon


Julia & Mark said...

My GP is in Manchester & we registered with a dentist in Llangollen a couple of years ago when on a winter mooring & this winter whilst in Aston Marina for a 3 months I registered with a dentist in Stone, both times NHS & never been asked about GP, I think you have had a bad deal :(
Julia nb Poppy

Yvonne said...

Hi Julia,
You may be right, but the other NHS dentists I contacted also said the same and none of them could give me an appointment for at least 2 weeks. At least by using this one it'll all be done and dusted before we leave the area so I won't need to hire a car to come back.