Saturday, 2 April 2016

Nantwich to Christleton

Hello, welcome back again

We finished off the Nantwich Music Festival at the Civic Hall on Monday evening. The "Star Turn" were the Ska band Bad Manners.  It took me back to my teens and I had a great time dancing the night away, unfortunately Roger and David weren't as impressed with the music and then to cap it all off the bar ran out of Guiness about an hour before band finished. Ah well, you can't please all of the people all of the time...............

For the week that we were in Nantwich we never saw anyone allow their dog to foul the towpath and there wasn't any litter anywhere either. That changed on Monday tea time when 2 dogs came running unattended down the towpath, followed a few minutes later by a boat which moored behind us.  First thing on Tuesday morning they opened their side doors to let the dogs out to do their business and then started throwing bits of rubbish out of the doors over the embankment. By the time we set off late morning there was dog poo and litter everywhere. Some boaters are just disgusting!

There's a sunken boat near Hurleston Junction.

It looks like it's been there a while and could do with removing as it's leaking diesel into the canal.

We're now on our way to Chester. The locks on this canal are wide and deep and there's a staircase of 3 locks at Bunbury which is a good spot for gongoozlers (people who watch canal boats).  When we arrived at the staircase there was already a boat in the bottom lock so we went down and passed them in the middle lock as they came up. It gave the gongoozlers something to gawp at.

It's lovely to be on the move again and even though the lock gates are huge they're not too difficult to open.

Apart from a bit of rain this morning, the weather is continuing to be very spring like and the trees are greening up nicely.

The ducks and swans are starting to get amorous and we saw our first swan sitting on her nest the other day.

Why is it that whenever something exciting happens you never have the camera handy?  Today we were mooring at Waverton for a lunch/grand prix TV break when David fell in the canal. It would have made a good photo for my blog and his Facebook page. Luckily he wasn't hurt but he's drowned his phone and dented his pride. Good job he's got a good sense of humour................

We're going to spend tomorrow in Chester as the boys are taking me out for lunch and then on Monday we'll carry on towards Ellesmere Port.

Bye for now, come back soon

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