Thursday, 23 June 2016

Bradford on Avon

Hi, how are you today?

We're now on the Kennett & Avon Canal having left Bath yesterday morning.  It's a good job there were lock-keepers helping on the flight as the second lock was really deep and there was no way I could close the gate on my own.  While he did the other gate a lovely man who had been watching us from the bridge came over to help me.

After the poor moorings in Bath, we had good ones last night and David was able to get his table and chairs out again for an alfresco breakfast before we left this morning.

We had a very slow trip to Bradford on Avon where we've moored for the night. It wasn't so much all the moored boats that slowed us down, but the hire boat in front of us that never got off tickover even in clear waters.  The countryside around here is beautiful England at it's best!

Bradford on Avon is a very picturesque small town with some beautiful buildings and LOTS of pubs.

It also has an independent wine merchant with a sense of humour

I was tempted to buy a bottle or two just for display on the wine rack, but I settled for a large ice-cream instead. Blackberry and cream with a flake....mmmmm.....yum yum

With reports on TV of torrential rain and flooding around the country, we again seem to be in the right spot. It's been very warm again today with the outside thermometer showing 25'C despite it being overcast. It's so muggy that I wouldn't be at all surprised if we have a thunder storm tonight.

Bye for now, see you soon

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