Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hello lovely reader, welcome back.

I have to tell you that there are some really weird folks round this area....... When we were moored at Avon Park the other evening a young man brought his bike down on to the pontoon, set it down and stripped off before diving into the river just in front of our boat.  He had a swim around for a few minutes while I went to try and find my camera - why does it always go missing when there's something to photograph??  He then climbed out, toweled himself down with a small towel out of his back pack, picked up his bike and set off again!

About an hour later this guy came floating past us

he was having a nap!  Chico barked at him and he sat up with a start.  I hope he was awake when one of the trip boats came steaming past shortly afterwards.

We're now moored in Bath.  The moorings are OK but get filled up by early afternoon and the access isn't very good as you have to climb over a railing to get off your boat and onto the towpath - which is also a cycle track. Hardly any of the cyclists have bells although most do slow down a bit and shout "excuse me" or "coming through"

We've been out and about today doing touristy things.  Bath is very busy and most of the tourists seem to be French, so much so that even some of the notices are in French

This is one of Bath's most famous landmarks. The Royal Crescent is a sweeping crescent of 30 Grade 1 listed Georgian terraced houses overlooking Royal Victoria Park and is a popular location for film-makers.

This is Bath Abbey which dates back to 1499

It has fantastic stained glass windows

and ceilings

These are the Quire Angels which look down on the choristers. There are 12 angels playing 10 different musical instruments, 6 angels on either side of the choir stalls. Installed in 2007 they are one of the newest additions to the Abbey architecture.

Outside the Abbey is this water fountain. The life-size statue known as Rebecca was donated by the Bath Temperance Association in 1861. It says "water is best" but you can no longer get a drink there.

This is Pulteney Bridge which is one of only 4 bridges in the world to have shops across its full span and is a World Heritage site.  It's also famous for the horseshoe shaped weir

This is how I expected Horseshoe Falls in Llangollen to look, but this is much more spectacular.

We'll be carrying on our way again tomorrow so please come back and see where we get to.

Bye for now

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