Monday, 13 June 2016

Holiday time again - Bristol

Hi, how are you today?

We've got a really good mooring here in Bristol Harbour, on a long pontoon with electricity and water. It's outside a couple of bars which are noisy on sunny evenings but really quite once they close at 11pm. It's also right beside the ferry stop which makes it very convenient for getting out and about.  We bought a weekly pass for £12 and we've already had our money's worth.

Bob & Nicola and John & Angela were leaving us on Friday morning so on Thursday evening we all went out for our last supper.  We'd booked to go to a local restaurant for a wine tasting evening with food and had a fantastic time. I found it a bit hard going passing up all the wines (I don't drink anymore) but the food made up for it and it was worth it to see all the others having such a good time.  Afterwards they all came back on our boat and Roger made chocolate martinis which went down so well he was kept busy mixing and shaking for ages. Maybe I'll get him a part-time job in the local cocktail bar.

Bristol's an amazing city and I can't believe we've never been before. With the abundance of boats, ferries, floating restaurants and bars you could almost imagine you're in Amsterdam. The weather has been very continental too with temperatures up in the 20's, although today it's definitely more British i.e. cool and showery.

The other day we walked up Brandon Hill to Cabot Tower.

The 105ft tower was built in 1897 to commemorate John Cabot's famous voyage from Bristol to North America four hundred years earlier.


Roger waited in the sun while David and I climbed the very steep steps to the top.

 It was 80 steps to the 1st balcony and then another 25 to the top

and a long way down

Unfortunately there was a lot of heat haze so my panoramic shot's a bit hazy

You can see a professional 360' shot HERE

Brandon Park is home to a lot of grey squirrels who are very tame and come really close in the hope of being fed.

As it was still late morning, we popped into the nearest Weatherspoons for coffee.  Honest, we ALL had coffee, although I suspect that if the Queen's birthday ale had been on tap the guys would have had to have once to toast her birthday.

Time Out and Vagabond left us early on Friday morning but we'll all be meeting up again in a few weeks in Reading.

We've booked to stay here for a week, along with David on Wye Knot 2.  Our daughter and grandchildren have been to stay for the weekend which is why I haven't blogged. I've just been far too busy having quality "Granny Time".  The children haven't stayed on the boat before but loved it so much I can see it becoming a regular event.

That's all for now, see you soon

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