Sunday, 19 June 2016

Roger to the rescue

Hi, nice to see you. Happy father's Day to all my male parent readers

We left Bristol yesterday morning.  It had been a great couple of weeks but the three of us were getting itchy feet so, although there was still plenty to see and do, we set off early morning onto the River Avon.

It was lovely to be back in the countryside and we found a good overnight mooring at Avon Country Park where we double breasted up as there were already other boats moored there. The wide beam boat on the end looks as though it's been left here for a while.

This afternoon Roger went next door to watch the Grand Prix on David's boat and just as it was getting to an interesting stage a hire boat came sideways round the bend. The crew needed help as the engine had stopped and they had no steering.  The three of us went out in the rain to help.  We managed to get hold of their stern rope and pull them alongside, where it turned out that they had hit something large under the water which had popped their rudder out of its socket. They also had weed and wire wrapped around their propeller.  The steerer was on the phone to the hire base so Roger explained that he's a narrowboat engineer and would have a look at the boat for them, if they gave their permission.  Obviously with it being a Sunday afternoon it was easier to let Roger have a look than start coming out themselves.  Once he'd cleared the prop he managed to pull the rudder back into it's socket and they were ready to go. They were very appreciative and "paid" him with a bottle of wine. Unfortunately he'd missed most about half of the race, although he did manage to see the final few laps.

We're carrying on again tomorrow, hopefully there'll be a space for us to moor in Bath.  That's another city that we've never visited before so keep your fingers crossed that the sun shines for sightseeing.

Bye for now


Barbara Halsall said...

Hello, we are still loving your blog and have enjoyed your adventures on the Gloucester and into Bristol, it looked very scary. Now you are coming along towards us as we are about to set off next weekend onto the Kennet and Avon to be in Bristol for the balloon festival in mid August. We also want to stay in Bristol for a few weeks to really explore. I do hope that we meet up somewhere along the way. We are Mike and Barbie on Micky Jay enjoying our third year living aboard. Hope you get good weather in Bath, best wishes, Barbie and Mike

Yvonne said...

Hi Barbara, I'll keep an eye out for you. Have a good trip