Thursday, 7 July 2016


Hi, we're having fantastic weather here on the K&A, I hope it's nice where you are too.

You can tell it's Summer when the Panama hats come out

The K & A is certainly lock had a swing bridge in the middle of it

and another had no significant sides, basically it was just a framework with gates on each end. It's called a "grass sided lock".

A few of the gates are real leakers too

and quite a few have these bird boxes on the bottom gate. One of them was inhabited by a yellow wagtail who had 4 eggs.

Despite (or maybe because) of all these oddities, we're really enjoying this canal. It's hard work in places and there are a lot of locks and few decent moorings, but it'll be nice to tick it off the list of places we've been.

Last night we moored in Newbury and for once we didn't have to breast up. Shortly afterwards we were rammed up the rear by a new boat that had been leap-frogging us for a few days.  Judging by their lack of skills and manners at locks and service blocks I reckon they've only just bought the boat. I hope they're quick learners as they've upset a couple of other boats we met today by refusing to share the double locks.

We made the most of being in a town again by going out for dinner to Cote Brasserie last night for an excellent French meal and then this morning I stocked the freezer at a "proper" butchers. I'd much rather buy from high street butchers than the supermarkets as it's usually much better quality even if it is a bit more expensive.

No news yet on our prospective new boat. It's waiting for an out-of-water survey but as soon as we sign contracts I'll show you her photograph.

That's all for now. David's coming round for dinner and I'm making a meat pie.......

See you soon

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