Saturday, 12 March 2011

Service with a smile?

Shopping isn't usually much of a problem when travelling on the canals as there are always shops fairly close by. However, finding a good butchers is becoming harder all the time.  The butchers in Bollington used to be superb. Last year when we stopped here I walked into town to stock up the freezer and had planned on doing the same again today. Although it's still run by the same staff it's nowhere near as good. Maybe I caught them on an 'off' day but you would expect Saturday to be their busiest day and would expect plenty of choice from a 'real' butchers shop. That wasn't the case. I wanted some shin beef to make a stew but they didn't have any, only chuck steak which the butcher had to get from out of a huge bag, ready diced. I'd asked for half a pound but he gave me a pound and a quarter! The plain pork sausages were fluorescent pink so I didn't bother with them and the pork and leek ones I bought and cooked for lunch were nothing special. The belly pork had to be sliced off a ready wrapped joint as that was all they had. The staff were so busy talking about football with another customer that the guy who served me gave someone else my meat. It certainly wasn't good old fashioned service. While I really prefer to shop locally wherever we stop, it's looking like Tesco and the other supermarkets will be getting more of my custom instead.

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