Monday, 4 April 2011

On the way back

We're now heading back to the Macclesfield Canal as we're due in dry dock next week for bottom blacking. (That's nothing kinky - just means that the bottom of the boat needs painting with a special waterproof coating).

It's been a very wet and windy day and we've actually seen  two other boats! The first one was a hire boat which passed us this morning while we were moored at Roaches Lock and the second one appeared at the mouth of Scout Tunnel when we were half way through, luckily they saw us and backed out again as it's only wide enough for one way traffic.

view through Scout Tunnel
When we originally furnished the boat we only had one dog and that was Charlie. He doesn't moult so we decided to get a rug for the lounge but now that we've got Chico as well the whole boat has to be hoovered  every other day and it's a pig of a job. I'm sure his fur is barbed as it's SO difficult to pick up, even the Dyson struggles.

Mr Innocent!

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