Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Almost time to go

We've had two days of running around tying up lots of loose ends. The car needed an MOT as the tax is due end of the month, Chico needed his vaccinations, filling up with diesel at the marina etc. etc. Tomorrow we'll leave the car in the garage at the house and head off into the sunset........ well, down and off the Macc......... hopefully for at least a year or so. We're heading for Leicester, hopefully to the boat festival on 4-5 June but we're still waiting for information from the organiser so if it's fully booked we'll change the plans and go somewhere else. As long as it's NOT the Macc. I don't care where we go!
We went to the King's Head last night with Martin & Maggie, but after having a couple of drinks we found out that they weren't serving food so we had to move to Sutton Hall on the other side of the canal. We've been in there several times before and it's always been extremely busy, but last night it was really quiet. The food was OK but nothing to rave about and it's very expensive for the portion size. There was a good choice of ales but at £3.20 a pint it should have been exceptional!
We called back in the King's Head this evening on the way back from the vets and were greeted by the wonderful sight of a beautiful blue steam traction engine called 'Stanley Monarch'. All the men were crowded round this "big boy's toy" with silly grins on their faces and a selected few got a ride down the road.

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