Monday, 16 May 2011

Alrewas village

It’s quite a long post today as I have lots of photos to share with you. I hope you enjoy them.

We moved down to Alrewas village this morning. The 14 day moorings were all full so we’re on the 48 hour ones, right next to the cemetery.  We stopped here about 7 years ago in exactly the same spot and had a very spooky experience. In the middle of the night Charlie woke us all up howling in fright, looking down and barking as if he could see something ‘below’ the earth. This carried on for about an hour  when he suddenly stopped and was OK again. We couldn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary and couldn’t understand why he was so scared. It certainly spooked us all and we didn’t stop here again for a long time.

This afternoon has been lovely, sunny and very windy so we took Chico out for a long walk. We went across Alrewas Lock which drops the canal down onto the river section where the Trent & Mersey is crossed by the River Trent.

The weir has a large floating barrier to keep boats from straying down it and today the flow was quite calm and peaceful.

The ground is still parched and cracked and we came across several large holes in a hedgerow. They seemed too big for rabbits so maybe it was a badger sett.

Following the river, we took the public footpath through Essington Meadows until the vegetation got too high. It’s obviously not a well used route and the white flowering Hedge Bedstraw was over waist height.

We diverted around a wheat field and then along the busy A38 to Wychnor Lock and walked back along the towpath, past Wychnor Church and this beautiful round stained glass window in someone's garden wall..

Wychnor Lock

Wychnor Church
The river banks are starting to turn yellow with hundreds of Yellow Iris, more commonly known as Yellow Flags.

The water in the river section is crystal clear and you can see thousands of tiny fishes swimming amongst the plants and water lilies.

Tomorrow I'll take you on a tour around this idyllic village. It's really beautiful and according to the village notice board they have lots of social events and had only one recorded instance of crime last month (a case of theft from a car).

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