Saturday, 14 May 2011


We set off very early this morning, passing through Great Heywood Lock at 7.00. It was a beautiful start to the day but very cold with a bitter wind. Poor Charlie had to wear his jumper as he was shivering so much. He just won't stay inside the boat when we're travelling as he's frightened of missing anything.

One thing he really enjoyed was the small-holding with chickens and pigs that we passed just after Colwich Lock. He thought the smell was wonderful but I didn't agree!

It didn't take us long to get to Rugeley with its power station looming over the town.

After crossing Brindley Bank Aqueduct we moored up on the town visitor moorings and went to Aldi and Morrison's to stock up. There's a really good greengrocers just opposite Morrison's and we've always bought fruit from there in the past. It's half the price of Morrison's and really good quality.

Continuing on to Armitage we passed through Armitage Tunnel which was opened up in about 1970 following mining subsidence. It's very narrow and a bit twisty in the middle so I had to go on ahead to stop any other boats entering before they could see us coming.

Just past the tunnel we moored up outside The Plum Pudding where we have booked a table for dinner tonight.

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