Tuesday, 31 May 2011


It was an absolutely beautiful morning and time to be on the move again. We dropped down Zouch Lock, turned round and came back up again and set off towards Loughborough where we moored back in the basin and went shopping - again.

view from the boat this morning

Loughborough is a really nice town. There are plenty of shops and the people are all friendly. We carried on after filling up with water and this time I'd found the rubbish disposal point. It’s behind the sanitary block, behind a black unmarked door. I only found it because I spotted another boater taking his rubbish there. You need a BW key, but honestly, can’t BW afford a sign?

I treated myself to this gorgeous potted sunflower from the florists in town. It’s one of the best florists I have ever come across and even had 4 different colours of English Peony on sale.

When we got to the new Pillings Lock Marina we sailed in and had a quick look round. We’re still looking for a marina for the winter but it won’t be here. The boats were crowded in and the pontoons were VERY short with the stern of the boats being fastened to poles.

We re now moored at Barrow-on-Soar just under the bridge, opposite the caravan park and before the lock moorings.  Just before the bridge we passed a guy standing on his boat roof trying to cut the branches off an overhanging tree. He was definitely struggling as every movement rocked his boat but he persevered and a large branch crashed down onto his boat. I don’t think that was quite what he had in mind though.

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Michelle said...

The Sunflower is lovely!