Thursday, 16 June 2011


We carried on today at a nice lazy pace but caught up to 2 hire boats just before Braunston Tunnel. The first one was crawling along on tick-over and I didn’t fancy following them through the tunnel at a snail’s pace so we pulled over for 10 minutes while the dogs stretched their legs and had a wee. Even after 10 minutes we caught them up just before they left the tunnel (it takes about 20 minutes to go through). The boat that was going so slowly had real problems banging from side to side, they hadn’t realised that it’s easier to steer in a straight line at a slightly faster pace!

Summer wild flowers

the cygnets are growing fast

It was quite busy at the locks and we teamed up with a boat called Floss which made things easier. We passed a hire boat crewed by 3 teachers with 8 young girls who were having a wonderful time. They were heading for the tunnel and were going to have a screaming competition. I’m just glad they weren’t in there when we were.

lock-side shop
pear tree beside the lock, looks like it should be a good harvest

The moorings in Braunston were all full by the time we got there so after popping into Midland Chandlers we turned up the Oxford branch and moored in a nice quiet spot just past a sunken boat. There seem to be a lot of residential moorings up here, several of which had small veg plots and generators running.

sunken boat

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