Sunday, 12 June 2011


We had an absolutely beautiful sunset last night. The canal was dead calm and the birds evening chorus was just lovely.

Charlie woke me up at 5.30 this morning as he needed to go out. It was beautiful out, sunny, cold and misty but you should only ever see one 5.30 each day and that‘s with a glass of something cold and refreshing in your hand!

When I re-surfaced again at 9am it was a different picture. It was pouring with rain and quite windy and has stayed that way all day.  We’d planned on cruising down the Welford Arm to the pub at the end and have a nice Sunday roast lunch but the weather made us change our minds and we stayed put.  I took a half shoulder of lamb out of the freezer and we took Chico for a walk down the arm instead. As it happens, when we got to the pub the smells coming from it were not good, just stale cooking fat and a look through the window showed that it was almost empty so maybe we made the right decision.

There are plenty of 14 day free linear moorings down the arm and a couple of 48 hour ones right beside the BW sanitary station. There are also 2 small marinas which looked pretty full.

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