Monday, 19 September 2011

Tomato harvest

After last years disaster with tomato blight, this year has seen us having a bumper crop of beautiful, sweet cherry tomatoes. This is about a quarter of the crop.

We’ve already eaten the same amount, there’s another quarter in the drawer ripening nicely and the same again still on the plants.

I decided to have a go at roasting them with garlic and herbes de provence, so after halving them and drizzling with olive oil I left them in a very low oven for 3 hours.  They can out all sweet and tasty and I’ve bottled them in more olive oil to be nibbled at over the coming few weeks. They should also be good on my home-made pizzas.

We continued our journey today, cruising back the way we came 2 weeks ago. This time it was nowhere near as windy so the many swing bridges weren’t quite the battle as before.  As we stopped for Maghull swing bridge I spotted a Morrison’s through the trees so we moored up and I did a quick dash to stock up. We’ve had a few showers this afternoon but it’s now quite sunny again and we’ve moored for the night just before Burscough.

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