Monday, 12 September 2011


We’ve had a fantastically busy weekend, with visits by both our children. Our daughter and her partner came on Thursday and gave us the wonderful news that they are getting married and I’m going to be a granny!!! Then on Saturday our son and his partner came and we had a really good time with them too.  A couple of friends also popped in for a visit.

Today it’s been just the two of us again and now that the festival is over we’ve started visiting some of the tourist destinations.

We started off by having an excellent lunch at the famous Philharmonic Dining Rooms in Hope Street. It’s supposedly one of the most lavish and ornate pubs in the country and is most noted for its marble urinals which are still original from when the pub was first built.

stained glass ceiling lights

carved mahogany, ornate plasterwork
& brass friezes everywhere

one part of the bar
After lunch we went to see the Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral which was opened in 1967. It’s a very modern design and is beautiful inside with a huge stained glass tower.

looking up inside the tower
The more imposing Anglican Cathedral was next.  It’s a huge building and cavernous inside.

traditional stained glass window

Of the two I preferred the Catholic Cathedral which is known locally as “Paddy’s Wigwam”.

On the way back we passed the street sculpture known as “A Case History”.  It looks like a pile of left luggage and each one has a luggage label with the name of someone famous.

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