Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Passage to Liverpool

I hope this extra long blog doesn’t bore you too much. We’ve had a fantastic day despite the weather and I took loads of photos, hopefully these will give you an idea of our experience.

The 2 guys from B.W. met us at 9.30 this morning. Another 6 boats had arrived behind us so we were a convoy of 9 heading for Liverpool.

ready for the off - we're no. 3

6 more behind
We’d been warned that the canal would be full of rubbish and to expect  plastic bags, or worse, getting wrapped round the propeller but we didn’t have any problems. I’m not sure if that was because the canal is a lot cleaner than it has been or because our Prop-protector weed cutter was working well.

There was plenty to see canal-side; lots of horrid graffiti but some good, official stuff too, several bee hives and a little tank.

It was quite industrial in places but let’s face it, that’s what canals were originally built for.  Some of the bridges and architecture were lovely  and everyone we passed on the towpath was friendly; even the drug dealers under one of the bridges let on to us with a wave (no, not 2 fingered) and a smile.

the old Tobacco Warehouse behind the lock flight
The 2 B.W. guys were really good, friendly & eager to help with the locks. They met us and operated all of the swing bridges and then caught up with us again at the top of the first 4 locks. We had to wait for them as the locks are padlocked and they had the special key.

We paired up with a lovely couple in the narrow boat ‘Alexis’ and the 2 of us led the convoy down the locks and then through the docks and into the city.  The wind was extremely strong and gusty which made the passage across the large open waters exhilarating to say the least!

paired up with 'Alexis' (rain drops on the camera lens)
We passed through the new canal link, through the new tunnels and got to the last lock to wait for the B.W. guys to unlock the padlocks and for the rest of the convoy to catch up so that we could then go out into Canning Dock, through Albert Dock and finally into Salthouse Dock where we are now moored.

Tobacco Warehouse on left

heading for the Liver Building
then under the next tunnel at the Museum of Liverpool
waiting in the lock for B.W. with the convoy behind
past the ex-lighthouse boat now a floating bar
past one of the tall ships, here for the festival
into Albert Dock
then into Salthouse Dock
our mooring for the next 10 days
We've had a lovely day and I can't believe this is all free; the escorted passage and the moorings in the heart of Liverpool. Wonderful!

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Adam said...

It looks and sounds like a great trip, and one that we're very keen to do. When we'll have enough time to do it is another matter altogether! It looks as though you're the longest boat there, by some distance.