Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ready for the Liverpool Link

We were in a fairly sheltered spot last night but gales were forecast again for today, so before we could move off this morning we had to secure the tomato planters by strapping them together and move the flower pots into the cratch and shower.

We had very heavy showers and localised extremely strong winds and the plants would certainly have been blown off the roof so it was worth the effort.

This very young foal was struggling to stay upright in the winds.

There were plenty of swing bridges again today. It would make it a lot easier if the opening mechanisms were standardised, as it was each one was different. Some were totally electrically operated, some were half electric and some totally manual. Some needed a BW water-mate key, some needed an anti-vandal key and others needed both.  After being shouted at by an angry motorist a couple of years ago, I refuse to do road swing bridges so I steered and Roger had the exercise.

You can tell that not many boats pass this far up the Leeds & Liverpool canal as it’s starting to get quite overgrown with weeds in places.

We’re now moored before bridge no.9 along with 2 other boats, ready for our assisted passage into Liverpool in the morning.

The weather improved this afternoon and although it stayed extremely windy the sun came out, so I went blackberry picking. There still aren’t as many about as last year but I got enough to make some Bramble Jelly. I’ve cooked the berries and they’re now dripping through the jelly bag ready for making into jelly tomorrow.

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