Friday, 9 September 2011

Salthouse Dock by night

I looked out of the window on Wednesday evening and someone was swimming past the boat!  I looked closer and about 40 people were swimming past the boat!

the floating stage just behind our boat
- swimmers changing room?

one of the many swimmers

It was Liverpool Open Water Swimming Club having a training session by swimming round the perimeter of the dock. They must be mad, as although the water is very clean it’s really cold.

The Queen Elizabeth cruise liner was docked in Liverpool for the day yesterday so we walked over for a look. If you're interested you can find out more about the ship HERE

It was due to leave at 21.50 with a spectacular fireworks display to see them off. We went down to the dock to watch but unfortunately there was a problem with the electrics on the pyrotechnics barge and after 3 fireworks went up they suddenly stopped. We hung about for half an hour and then everyone gave up and started to walk back and wouldn’t you just know it….. they started again!  Not the best display I’ve ever seen but pretty good considering the problems.

On the way back the wind dropped away to nothing and the water in the docks was like a mirror. The views were spectacular and I hope the photos do them justice.

"Mercedes" one of the tall ships

"Mercedes" from the other side of the dock

Salthouse Dock by night, our boat on the left

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