Thursday, 1 September 2011

Summer's Back!

After the wet and decidedly chilly past few days it's been glorious again today. Clear blue skies and hot sunshine and I'm back in shorts and T-shirt; bliss.

We still haven't decided which marina we're going to use as a base for the winter. Hopefully we won't need to actually stay in a marina at all but we do need a back-up place in case the canals freeze again, as they have for the past 2 winters. The choice is now down to three as we like it here in Boothstown.

The marina's only small but as you can see from the photo, there's plenty of room between the boats and that's our main requirement. The other 2 marinas we like are Overwater at Audlum and Aston at Stone. These 2 have the advantage over Boothstown in that they are much more rural. We're setting off towards Liverpool tomorrow so when we get back in about 3 weeks we'll have to make the decision to be sure of a berth.


Adam said...

How busy is Aston marina these days? When I visited there last year it was virtually empty -- which you'd think would make them more likely to do a deal on the price. The cafe there is great, as is the farm shop. Overwater has always looked fairly full -- understandable because Audlem is such a nice place.

Yvonne said...

Aston was only half full and Overwater was about 3/4 At both marinas the staff & other moorers were very friendly and welcoming which if you're planning on living there for any length of time is a definite bonus.