Sunday, 2 October 2011

More from Manchester

This morning we went to the first Castlefield Artisan Market.  This is going to be a monthly event so will probably attract more stalls as it gets established, but even so there were around 40 stalls selling everything from salt marsh lamb through to vegetarian specialities. There were a couple of really good cheese stalls and Roger bought the strongest Cheddar I have ever tasted; it was too much for me so I settled for a nice creamy Stilton with apricots.

There were also a couple of florist stalls selling the routine pot plants and some very exotic (and expensive)  floral displays.

This afternoon our son and his girlfriend came to visit and we had a bit of a walk-about. There was another large demonstration on and all the crowds and police made it feel a bit oppressive to be out and about so when the heavens opened we called it a day and went back to the boat.

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La Femme Selby said...

Lovely to take a stroll around the market with you, demonstrations and all (we are having them here in the US too ... the whole world is atilt). A wedge of stilton with jam is a very delicious and comforting idea. Keep writing!
Selby - Maine, USA