Saturday, 12 November 2011

Blue skies and sunshine

The meal in the Jolly Tar last night was OK.  The menu is basic to say the least and everything is either nuked or fried but I didn’t have to cook it or wash up afterwards so I was happy. We're going back tonight with a couple of friends from Macc. Marina but we're eating here before we go as it wasn't good enough for 2 nights in a row.

Deepsnake, the group we’d gone to see, were AWSOME!  They were loud, as you’d expect from a Deep Purple/Whitesnake tribute band, and played for 2 hours, rocking the house. If you like that type of music and ever get the chance, then I’d definitely recommend you go and see them.

After the past few dismal days, today has been beautiful.  We’ve had clear blue skies and full sunshine and it’s been warm enough to let the fire go out and have the side doors open for a bit of fresh air.  I even managed to dry the washing outside.

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