Saturday, 11 February 2012

Maintenance & Security

While we’ve been stuck here in Chester Roger has been doing a few bits of boat maintenance, catching up on all the little jobs that should be done regularly but are always put off till later.  One of them was to remove the water pump and strip it down to clean the filters.  We hadn’t really noticed any problems with the water flow but once he’d cleaned the build up of  “plaque” off the filter the difference in flow has been quite amazing.  It was an easy job to do and only took about half an hour.

I’ve been asked a couple of times recently about the wire security rope we made to stop the yobs?/drunks?/junkies? setting us loose in the middle of the night.  We bought 4m of plastic coated wire and fasteners from B&Q and made up a loop at each end as shown in the photo.  The loop on the roof is fastened to the centre mooring ring with a padlock so even when they untied the bow and stern ropes we were still safely attached to the mooring ring. It was easy to make up and cost about £10 which I thought was well worth it for the peace of mind and a good nights sleep.

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