Sunday, 29 April 2012


On the way into town on Friday morning we met our friend Bargee Bill who lives in the cottage beside Chemistry Lock. His gardens are starting to look lovely and this beautiful clematis is covering the fence beside the lock.

It really must be spring, although you wouldn't think of it looking at the weather, as my tomato plants are coming on a treat and one has started flowering.  All I need now is some sunshine so I can move them out onto the roof permanently, at the moment they're spending most of the time in the cratch.

BW are working at Hoole Lane Lock and have fenced off the side of the lock while they re-lay the pavings around the mooring bollards.

We're staying in the centre of Chester for a few days while I stock up the cupboards, fridge and freezer and indulge in a bit of general retail therapy.  I've even bitten the bullet and had my hair cut.  I absolutely HATE hairdressers as I've had a couple of disastrous experiences in the past but it really was time to get something done with my mop.  I've had 5 inches cut off (it's still fairly long) and had it 'styled' and I have to say the hairdresser was really good and made it a stress-free visit. She was a bit older than the usual stylists and actually listened when I told her what I wanted, instead of just doing what they want. She spent time giving me lots of advice on how to look after the style and how I can adapt it to still put it up when we're travelling and even tried plying me with wine while she was working!

Chester is very busy.  The moorings are full and there are plenty of hire boats coming and going up and down the staircase locks. The weather is really dire, very wet & windy, but still the hire boats come past. They mostly look miserable but we had a couple of Anglo Welsh boats past this morning, obviously travelling together. They were full of men and at 10.30 they were already on the beer, standing soaking wet on the back decks cans in hand.

I've finally finished the blanket I told you about back here in January.

There are 144 squares and each flower has a bead in the centre.

It's been a lot of work but I'm very pleased with it.


Liz. Nb Blackstone said...

Your crocheted blanket looks very pretty. I love the flowers. I have never tried anything that complicated.

life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Your blanket is really lovely, and so worth all the hard work you have put in! Debbie.

Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Your blanket looks fabulous well done!

Enjoy Chester, despite the weather!


Anonymous said...

your afghan is so pretty, it looks like a pastry! Beautiful work ...
Portland, Maine, USA