Sunday, 15 April 2012

Prees Branch

It’s been a beautiful day again today. Bright and sunny,  perfect cruising weather. Roger had to watch the Chinese Grand Prix first so we set off after lunch, stopping for water and rubbish disposal at Bettisfield on the way.  The canal is nice and quiet again after the Easter holidays and we’ve only seen a handful of moving boats all day.

We turned down the Prees Branch at the junction and moored between the 2 lift bridges.  There were a few boats moored near the junction but we’re alone again down here.

When I did the dusting this afternoon I noticed a small burn mark on one of the shelves that hadn’t been there yesterday.

Once the sun shone we found out what had caused it.  The sun rays were being magnified through a paperweight.

This paperweight has been in the same spot for over 3 years so it must have been a fluke that it’s happened, but we’re not taking any chances and it’s now been moved to a different place in the boat, away from direct sunlight.

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