Sunday, 15 April 2012

Around the Meres

This really is a beautiful place to moor!  Because it's only a mile outside Ellesmere town hardly any boats bother stopping to moor and, apart from a couple of hire boats who've stopped for a couple of hours late afternoon to use the picnic tables to have their tea alfresco, we've had it all to ourselves.

We've had quite a few (very welcome)  heavy rain showers but in between these the sun's shone and we've been out and about exploring.  1.5 miles further along the canal is Colemere.

It's a lot bigger than Blakemere and we walked all round it on Friday.  It has it's own sailing club which brought back memories of my early teenage years, spent dinghy racing at Leigh Flash beside the Bridgewater Canal.

Yesterday we walked back into Ellesmere and round the mere.

I loved this wood carving/sculpture we found on the woodland walk.  As it was raining at the time the woods were deserted and it was just a lovely place to be.

There were quite a few dog walkers about and, for the most part, Chico coped really well.  He's learning very quickly that if he doesn't feel happy in the vicinity of another dog, he can turn round and we go another way. If there's no other way to go we pick him up and turn him away from the oncoming dog.  This worked really well with 5 dogs and we had a stress-free walk. That is until a woman appeared round a corner with an uncontrolled dog off the lead.  It came bounding over and even though she could see we'd picked Chico up and he was clearly very distressed, she was totally unable to call her dog back and get it under control.  Although she muttered an embarrassed apology, that one incident just about undid all the progress we'd made with the other dogs earlier. We'll have another long walk again today and see if we can get his confidence back.  We could really do with meeting another (patient) boater with a very placid dog who we could practice with. Maybe I'll put a sign in the window next time we're moored in a busy spot.

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