Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pump-out and toads

Today we really needed a pump-out, the gauge was almost off the scale, so we headed on down to the end of the Prees Branch to Whixall Marina. Just as we got the hose connected and the pump working the heavens opened, not rain but hail stones the size of marrowfat peas.  Boy did they sting!  In all the years we've been getting pump-outs this had to be the worst.  The pump was pretty useless and, although it ran for the usual length of time, it only emptied a third of the tank. The guy in the office wasn't interested.  According to him it copes very well with hire boats so it must be OK, but hire boats are usually pumped out every week and don't have a big tank. To do it properly we'd have had to buy another 2 tokens but at £12 a go that would have meant £36.  All I can say is "we won't be back".

When I went to cast off and lift the fenders I noticed that one of the go-kart tyre fenders was rather heavy. At first I thought it had filled with water but closer inspection showed it was being used as a love-nest

by this courting couple.

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