Thursday, 31 May 2012


We're still moored in Birmingham City Centre and have been out and about exploring (sorry I keep forgetting the camera).

The weather's been fantastic, until yesterday afternoon that is.  We'd booked a pump-out from the local mobile service boat but they couldn't come until 4.30.  All day it had been hot and sunny but at 4.25 the heavens opened, just as the service boat pulled up along side.  I felt so sorry for the guy doing the pump-out.  The rain was bouncing 6 inches off the canal and he didn't have a hat or coat on.  He said he was so wet it wasn't worth wearing a coat and getting that wet too.

We're really enjoying being moored back in a city.  There's so much to see and do and the shopping is fantastic.  I don't mean "retail therapy" clothes and tat, I mean FOOD.  The Bullring food markets are exceptional.  The fruit and veg are all sold by the bowlful at £1 each and there are Asian and Caribbean stalls selling stuff I have never seen before.  I got a bit carried away as usual so we're having a veggie week while I use it all up.  Anyone got any ideas for baby mushrooms?  The bowlful that I bought weighed over 2lbs and we've had 3 meals from it already. I haven't even started on the meat and fish stalls yet. I'm in foodie heaven, think I'll need to do lots of locks when we finally leave to make up for it. 

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