Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bidford on Avon

This morning the level had dropped another few inches and was almost down to the green marker.

Our friend Brian came up Barton Lock on his way back to Stratford and said that although the weir current was still quite fierce it was nothing to worry about so, with the threat of more heavy rain to come, we decided to carry on and move down to Bidford on Avon. The only time we felt the extra current was going through Bidford Bridge but it wasn't bad really, just needed more throttle than usual.

When we moored up we were the only boat here, but more arrived this afternoon so the moorings are now full again.

We've been in water saving mode for the past week as we weren't sure how long it would be before we'd be able to re-fill the tank.  By flushing the loo with river water, only washing up once a day and taking very quick showers we'd managed to only use half a tank of water in the week since we left Stratford, so it was great to be able to do 2 loads of washing and take a nice long leisurely shower. It's quite scary to think how much water we used to use/waste when we lived in the house.

After such a beautiful morning, the rain's come back with a vengeance this afternoon. I was going to put my wellies back under the bed, but there are huge puddles beside the boat so maybe I'll leave them out for a bit longer.

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