Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Floods Day 6

The river level dropped again overnight and at 10.30am was just into the orange, but by 3.00pm it had risen again and is now just on the line between the 2 colours.

You can tell how much it's dropped as the weir is almost visible again. At peak levels this was almost flat.

We walked into Bidford again this morning, trying to dodge between the showers but ended up having to shelter in the porch of one of the small cottages we passed on the way.  The rain pelted down and the edges of the road soon filled up and ran like little rivers.  As fast as the rain started, it stopped and became very hot and sunny.  It's been like that all day, sunshine and heavy showers. Strange weather for July indeed!

This is the river marker in Bidford.  It too was just down in the orange and there's only 1 moored boat left there now. That's Brian on n.b Kyle

This is the indicator sign which shows you which arch of Bidford bridge you need to go through.  I don't know how long it's been like this, but I didn't notice it being on it's side last time I looked over the bridge.  Of course with the river level being higher last time I looked, it could have been submerged.

The weather forecast for the next few days is for even more rain so, providing the level's dropped further into the orange, we may move tomorrow and moor in Bidford.  That's so we're nearer water, pump-out and diesel, just in case the levels start coming back up again. Hopefully, now that the River Severn has dropped below the weir at Tewkesbury, the River Avon will be able to drain into it again and the levels should start dropping more rapidly.  That's providing we don't have a load more rain, of course.

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