Saturday, 28 July 2012

Edstone Aqueduct

Well we're back here again, at Edstone Aqueduct.  We moored here about a month ago, on the way down to Stratford and liked it so much we've stopped here again.

There aren't many walkers, which means there aren't many dogs, which means we can safely let Chico out of the boat off the lead. With all the tourists and dogs in Stratford he was getting a bit stressed out, but it's peaceful here and he's chilled out nicely. We've been for a few long walks and have been able to let him off the lead to have a good mooch and sniff about.  The training sessions we had at Chirk in the spring are really working and it's now actually a pleasure to take him for a walk. As soon as we spot another dog he goes back on the lead. As soon as he spots the other dog he signals to us that he's scared and we pick him up and walk past the dog. As soon as we're past the dog we put him back down and he runs away from the dog.  He doesn't even bark at them any more let alone try and fight, so I'd say that's a huge improvement, wouldn't you?

The canal's been quite busy today with plenty of hire boats and day boats, all packed to capacity.

Along with 22 million other viewers, we watched the Olympics opening ceremony on TV last night.  I was ready to sit there and criticise it, but was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. The sheer scale of the organisation and logistics were phenomenal.  I really enjoyed Mr Bean's orchestral performance and whoever came up with the idea of the James Bond and the Queen jumping out of the helicopter was just a genius! I hope she was amused by it too.


Tucker said...

Hi Yvonne
June says the plant you could not identify is: Acanthus mollis, commonly known as Bear's Breeches or "Oyster Plant", is a herbaceous perennial plant with an underground rhizome in the genus Acanthus
Hope that helps
Bob and June
Nb Autumn Myst

Yvonne said...

Thanks for that, I'm gobsmacked at June's knowledge :-) I'm lucky if I recognise a daisy........