Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Floods Day 5

The moorings on the opposite bank reappeared this morning as the water level continued to drop and this afternoon we moved over there so that we could get the satellite to lock on and watch TV.

Several boats have come past during the day, in both directions.  This is despite the river level still being 5ins. in the red at 4.30pm. I don't understand them.  OK, so not everyone has the luxury of being a live-aboard and being able to sit it out, but don't they realise that their insurance will be invalid if they have an accident? There's plenty of debris being washed down-stream at the moment and if a tree or large log smashes into a boat with the full force of the current behind it, it'll do a fair bit of damage.

Barton Lock level marker at 4.30pm

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