Saturday, 14 July 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention - Floods Day 9

The river level continues to rise, will it never end?  It's risen 2ft today and is now up above the second step.

Our neighbours have had enough and have booked into a local B&B, lending us their plank whilst they're away which makes it a bit easier getting off. It's fastened to the old mooring sign in case the level rises further and tries to wash it away. Chico's struggling a bit as he can't walk down the gunwale to the plank and it's too far for him to jump to the bank.  We're having to put him on the roof so he can walk to a point where we can lift him down onto the plank and then off.  He's not a happy bunny I can tell you!

This is the water tap beside the boat. We made sure to fill up before it totally disappears. (in the time it's taken to down-load the photos and write this blog, the tap's been totally covered. That's how fast it's rising!! )

The house opposite must have a flooded cellar as bottom of this door is now 6ins below the surface.

The current is running much faster and there's plenty of flotsam coming down the river.  Large rafts of reeds

and even a tree.  It looks smaller in the photo than real life and would give you a nasty bang if it hit you at this speed.

I'm still making baby shoes but I think she's now got enough so I'll have to find another project to keep me occupied until we can set off on our travels again.  The good thing with these little baby things is that they're using up all my odds and ends of wool.

ladybird shoes

baby 'UGGS'


Adam said...

Poor Chico. You'll have to keep telling him that it's good to confront his fears!

It's very different from when we did the Avon in June last year. Then the warnings were for low water levels, and a danger of grounding. It seems to swing wildly from one extreme to another these days.

Yvonne said...

We spent July and August on the Avon last year and you wouldn't believe it's the same river!

Mo said...

I love the bootees you have been making for your grandaughter. Where do you get your patterns? Nessa

Yvonne said...

Hi Nessa,
you can buy the patterns here

Mo said...

Thanks, I'll have a look